The GROGNARD Files ‘Zine

Just a quick note to say that my ‘zine arrived from The GROGNARD Files podcast. It is very well produced. I will make more comments later.

If you have listened to the Grognard Files podcast or read Dirk the Dice’s Armchair Adventurers blog…stop everything and do so NOW!


Well, after months of delay, I finally completed setting up the board game HeroQuest on Roll20. With help and guidance from Patrick (one of the awesome dudes I play Basic Fantasy RPG with), I have the dice and deck mechanics figured out. I’ve set up the first quest, The Trial, in which the Heroes must “seek out and destroy Verag, a foul Gargoyle who hides in the catacombs.” Next time there is a break in our campaign run by Teaman, GM par excellence, I will have this ready to run.

If you’ve never heard of HeroQuest (board game published by Milton Bradley in conjunction with Games Workshop), it is a simple fantasy roleplaying game. More roll-playing than role-playing, but it is a lot of fun with plenty of cool plastic miniatures and 3D props. I had never heard of it as a kid, which is surprising because my brother and I played board games and D&D. Ah, I can only imagine the number of hours we would have spent in the basement fighting Chaos Warriors and Fimirs.