Well, after months of delay, I finally completed setting up the board game HeroQuest on Roll20. With help and guidance from Patrick (one of the awesome dudes I play Basic Fantasy RPG with), I have the dice and deck mechanics figured out. I’ve set up the first quest, The Trial, in which the Heroes must “seek out and destroy Verag, a foul Gargoyle who hides in the catacombs.” Next time there is a break in our campaign run by Teaman, GM par excellence, I will have this ready to run.

If you’ve never heard of HeroQuest (board game published by Milton Bradley in conjunction with Games Workshop), it is a simple fantasy roleplaying game. More roll-playing than role-playing, but it is a lot of fun with plenty of cool plastic miniatures and 3D props. I had never heard of it as a kid, which is surprising because my brother and I played board games and D&D. Ah, I can only imagine the number of hours we would have spent in the basement fighting Chaos Warriors and Fimirs.