I am a bad little monk

Well, so much for the plans for mice and monks. I had intended to publish something every couple of weeks. But I didn’t. Sigh.

Okay, since we’re all trapped inside, and a really cool dude name Dirk the Dice followed this blog, I thought I had better get on my pony and do something.

So I have been playing in my regular Basic Fantasy Roleplaying Game on a weekly basis. John (Teaman) is the GM and most of the players are in Pennsylvania, which is very far away from me. We play on Roll20 and Skype. John is a great GM and his homemade art really makes the game unique. To give John a break, I have run BFRPG, Star Frontiers, and more recently D&D 5e. Star Frontiers was fun. I had never played this system before. It’s a d100 based game. It’s not too difficult, but it can get bogged down with modifiers and situational mathematics. I think we could pare it down.

Now, I’m reading Monster of the Week. I have played one other Powered by the Apocalypse game (Ruma) and found it pretty cool. I’m trying to get my brains in gear so that I can run this in the future.